I see my pieces as altered realities. They are moments of tenderness, longing, and power. I find power in softness. There is a great deal of strength that comes from vulnerability and allowing your heart to be open. Artmaking is my access to power. It is where I can process emotions, articulate thoughts, and define myself as whoever I want to be. 
Painting is my default when I have an idea I want to visualize as I have the most control over my materials. However, I find that textiles lend themselves more to ideas surrounding labor, domesticity, and home. The personal and cultural histories surrounding textiles as a medium are imbued into every piece. Each textile piece feels like a part of my soul made physical; so much of my love and labor goes into each one. When I make prints, I think about the multiple, and how a connection is formed when multiple people have the same piece of art in their homes. It’s a form of intimacy I treasure deeply. 
Tia Shekelle (b. 1999) was raised in S.E. Asia and the Pacific Northwest. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish College of the Arts in 2021 and continues to live and work in Seattle, WA. Tia is a multidisciplinary artist, focusing primarily on painting and textiles. Her practice focuses on healing through intimacy, identity, and cultural practices. She explores the process of reconciling a fragmented identity. Tia has shown multiple times at Bellingham Arts and Music Festival and Cornish College of the Arts, as well as various exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest. She has been the recipient of SubPop Records’ Loser Scholarship, Cornish’s Art Merit Scholarship, Studio Excellence Award, Kreielsheimer Foundation Scholarship, Stephen Hannock Endowed Scholarship, Sherry Raisbeck Scholarship, and was named the Shirley Foundation scholar.
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